Leeds Beckett University

Case Study Scope The buildings that required assistance included Grade II Listed Buildings, Caedmon Hall and Priestley Hall. A number of defects and non-existent fire breaks were identified that required attention and due to the protected status of the buildings the university services team identified a need for a Hilti approved contractor to carry out […]

Housing Plus Group

Case Study Scope Neo is employed by Housing Plus Group as a Principal Contractor to roll out a fire protection programme across a range of occupied buildings. Significant emphasis is placed on delivering works in ways that meet the needs of vulnerable groups, a requirement that demands compliance with effective customer care and safeguarding protocols. […]

First Choice Homes Oldham

Case Study Scope With around 12,000 homes in their portfolio, FCHO recognises its responsibility as a Registered Provider of social housing to provide safe housing for their customers. Part of this is their Fire Safety Investment programme, in which Neo was involved in with the delivery of firestopping works. Key Outputs Taking place over 18 […]

Europa School

Case Study Scope Following a review of their fire risk assessments Europa identified the need for a new fire strategy. So, in the Spring of 2022 Neo were approached by the school to help carry out fire door replacement and upgrade works. Key Outputs Europa school identified an ambitious requirement to survey 240 fire Doors […]

North Kesteven District Council

Case Study Scope Following a review of fire risk assessments in place for 19 blocks of flats, NKDC identified a risk that party walls dividing flats on the top floor were not sufficiently compartmentalised. The risk identified that in the event of a fire, smoke and flames may spread throughout the entire roof void spanning […]

Places For People

Case Study Scope Following a review of Type 3 Fire Risk Assessments, Neo was employed by Places for People to design solutions required to close out a multiple of non-conformances linked to breaches in fire compartmentation. Key Outputs Close programme control maintaining block level completion and certification milestones. Effective customer consultation and compliance with appointment […]

Home Group

Case Study Scope Operating in the role of Principal Contractor on projects secured through the Home Group DPS for fire safety works, defects identified within Type 3 Fire Risk Assessments are rectified through multiple projects comprising fire door maintenance, fire door set installations, fire stopping and fire compartmentation works, cavity barriers and fire barriers. Key […]

Royal Armouries Museum

Case Study Scope The scope of works delivered through this project required Neo to repair and replace c. 360 fire doors spread across seven floors of the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. Key Outputs Zero accident/ incident arising from a 12-week programme of works performed in a fully operational museum site. Fully documented O&M manual […]

Trafford Housing Trust

Case Study Scope Principal Contractor for the rectification of breaches to fire compartmentation lines comprising voids and service penetrations between risers, walls, floors and fire doors (maintenance and replacement) located throughout a combination of high, medium and low rise occupied housing blocks. Key Outputs Close programme control maintaining block level completion and certification milestones. Significant […]

Trent & Dove Housing

Case Study Scope Operating in the role of Principal Contractor, Neo interpret non-conformances identified within Type 3 Fire Risk Assessments, survey and identify compartment breaches, design and deliver solutions to achieve compliance with fire safety standards. Key Outputs Data collected for each seal created includes dates and time of installation, name of installer, location, materials […]