Housing Plus Group


Neo is employed by Housing Plus Group as a Principal Contractor to roll out a fire protection programme across a range of occupied buildings. Significant emphasis is placed on delivering works in ways that meet the needs of vulnerable groups, a requirement that demands compliance with effective customer care and safeguarding protocols. Commencement of the project began during the COVID-19 pandemic so initially works were carried out under restricted conditions.

Key Outputs

Working closely with the client, Neo ensure smooth communication processes are in place to provide high levels of customer care and ensure safety.

Due to the number of properties affected, flexibility in working times, appointments and a need to accommodate essential requirements of vulnerable groups were factors built into the project plan. The volume of properties and the time restraints on the project requires close programme control of the works. With these in mind, Neo maintain essential block level completion, certification milestones, providing regular updates to Housing Plus.


A programme of firedoor replacements and upgrade works

Housing schemes across Shropshire and Staffordshire

Contract Value
Approximate value of the works: £500k