First Choice Homes Oldham


With around 12,000 homes in their portfolio, FCHO recognises its responsibility as a Registered Provider of social housing to provide safe housing for their customers. Part of this is their Fire Safety Investment programme, in which Neo was involved in with the delivery of firestopping works.

Key Outputs

Taking place over 18 months during 2021/22 First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO) appointed Neo to help with the delivery of their fire safety investment programme. Part of FCHO’s plan to continually improve homes and provide high quality, safe places for their customers to live, the programme of fire safety works ensure that everyone who lives in blocks of flats with three storeys or more, benefit from the investment.


Firestopping on approx. 660 high, medium and low rise properties

First Choice Homes Oldham’s portfolio of properties, Oldham

Contract Value
Approximate value of the works: £3.3m