Trafford Housing Trust

Case Study Scope Principal Contractor for the rectification of breaches to fire compartmentation lines comprising voids and service penetrations between risers, walls, floors and fire doors (maintenance and replacement) located throughout a combination of high, medium and low rise occupied housing blocks. Key Outputs Close programme control maintaining block level completion and certification milestones. Significant […]

Trent & Dove Housing

Case Study Scope Operating in the role of Principal Contractor, Neo interpret non-conformances identified within Type 3 Fire Risk Assessments, survey and identify compartment breaches, design and deliver solutions to achieve compliance with fire safety standards. Key Outputs Data collected for each seal created includes dates and time of installation, name of installer, location, materials […]

University of Leeds

Case Study Scope Passive fire protection works to staircases, lobbies, corridors, teaching & learning spaces situated throughout the Worsley building. Key Outputs Completion of works on programme and within budget with zero accidents or incidents. Defect free sectional handover. Details Project Value¬£750,000 Contract Term9 months LocationUniversity of Leeds on the Worsley Building PropertyUniversity Find out […]

South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Case Study Scope A rolling programme of passive fire protection works including works to remedy breaches to compartmentation lines including fire stopping, penetration sealing, fire doors and works to smoke detectors, alarms, extension of fire alarm detection systems and dampers. Key Outputs Completion of works on programme and within budget with zero accidents or incidents. […]

Promotion for Tony Narkevicius

Well done to Tony Narkevicius on landing a role he was made for! Tony will be saying goodbye to managing his Surveying team and moving to pastures new – to become Neo’s new Technical Services Manager.

Neo Win ASFP Award

We are proud to announce that Neo has won the Training and Development of the Year Award at the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) Awards 2021.