Our capacity to make an impact

As our business has expanded, we have more of a capacity to make a greater and positive impact on the lives of others. But first and foremost, is our commitment is to our people. They are our business and the work they do safeguards our clients’ buildings and their users. That’s why we place continuous investment into providing a safe and enjoyable place of work, providing opportunities for all, and focusing on various employment schemes.

How we care for the environment

As a responsible business, we build our environmental objectives into our business model. We reduce transportation and logistical requirements with the engagement of locally based labour resource and supply.

We ensure that the use of water, electricity and gas is kept to a minimum. All timber we use in our building works are FSC certified from responsible sources and the insulation we use is created from volcanic diabase rock – a natural material in abundant supply.

Potentially hazardous materials are transported, stored, applied and disposed of in compliance with CoSHH Assessments and CoSHH Data Sheets to prevent spillage. Additionally, all our technicians are trained in how to act in the event of a spillage and carry spill kits in their vehicles to enable a prompt response in the event of accidental spillages, mitigating the risk of pollution.

Every client we work with receives monthly waste management reports that detail the nature and volume of waste produced, diversion from landfill, and recycling rate enabling month-on-month reductions in waste to landfill to be targeted.

A tailored waste management plan details our waste management arrangements and our environmental risk assessments for each project. Site Managers ensure that all employees follow the correct waste management and recycling procedures on site and all waste is segregated into timber, cardboard and non-recyclable waste streams.

We have many strategies in place to reduce our emissions at Neo:

  • To reduce unnecessary travel by our Technicians, vehicles are allocated in a ratio of one vehicle for every two technician.
  • All authorised drivers receive compulsory Driver Awareness Training to promote reduction of GHG emissions through fuel efficient driving behaviour.
  • All diesel vehicles are compliant to Euro 6 standards running with Ad-Blue additive and are speed restricted to 69mph.
  • Vehicles are also fitted with Eco drive options and power inverters for keeping tools charged without the need for mains power supply.
  • Where possible, Neo source materials and support local businesses in proximity to the site where works are being undertaken.

Our Code of Conduct requires staff and technicians to minimise noise nuisance and disruption through their actions on-site. Wherever practical, noise is minimised with preassembly off-site and material cutting performed outside of the property. We also use battery operated hand tools, and noise dampened plant and equipment.

We prioritise the use of environmentally friendly materials and equipment and only materials listed on the Site COSHH register will be permitted on site. The fire stopping products we use are procured from industry leading suppliers ROCKWOOL and Hilti, using branches closest to the sites we are working on.

We thoroughly screen our partners to ensure procurement from ethical businesses. We address aspects such as stakeholder engagement, labour practices and the management of supply chains serving materials sectors upstream of the manufacturer. We challenge our supply chain to minimise use of plastic packaging and eliminate non-recyclable plastics.

We understand the importance of giving back and using our business as a force for good. That’s why we like to pledge our support to many causes that our employees, clients and suppliers are passionate about. Whether we are holding regular fundraising events and activities for charity, delivering awareness workshops alongside community groups or taking part in team challenges, we want to make a difference.

From supporting local rugby teams to raising awareness of dementia, we encourage employees to think of ways to make a positive impact and fundraise for causes they are passionate about.

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