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Work-Flow Management

Through use of Oneserve, a dynamic field service management solution, we have streamlined and automated our contract specific processes to better suit our clients in every project we embark upon. Oneserve creates the visibility for our teams to plan, schedule coordinate, complete, update and monitor every element of our projects efficiently. Through use of electronic forms within our workflows, dynamic risk assessments are completed, asset data is collected, workflow steps are delivered and jobs are signed off to meet SLA’s.

Built on an advanced cloud-based architecture, Oneserve is highly flexible and resilient, simple to use but sophisticated in its output. It enables our field and office-based teams to integrate end-to-end job information in real time with clients, customers and third party client systems.

Scheduling & Resource Management

Scheduling and resource management is provided through the dynamic capabilities of our Oneserve works management solution. Using experienced-based task durations, engineer skill sets, availability, drive time, materials and project location, our planners satisfy demand for services by assigning work orders to engineer diaries.

Through open communications between our engineers in the field, customers and our planning team, Oneserve helps us generate end-to-end job information in the form of dashboard displays and reports, ensuring any necessary interventions are made whilst holding to set work schedules. On arrival to each appointment, our workflows provide system updates, completion reports with photographic records of work completed. Functionality within our workflows also enables engineers to book customer appointments whilst out in the field, and also release SMS text notifications to confirm ETA’s at the next scheduled appointment.  

Because Oneserve is cloud-based, access is enabled from anywhere on any device in both real time and offline environments where connectivity is poor. As soon as a connection is established, our systems automatically update.

Parts & Stock

Oneserve helps our team manage the allocation and replenishment of mobile stock holdings, creating complete transparency of what parts have been used and where. Through use of mobile licensing structures, our mobile teams allocate parts from van stocks as they complete tasks - a process which increases engineer efficiency and the production of robust management information. The stock module of Oneserve enables us to integrate project requirements with key suppliers, establishing inventories unique to each project and the skill sets of our engineers. As a result, our engineers always have the right parts to complete jobs on time and in a single appointment.

Mobile Working

Neo’s mobile working solutions enable field-based engineers to securely access everything they need to do their jobs efficiently. Data input through hand-held devices automatically integrates with our workflow systems, supporting the real-time monitoring of progress in the field, enabling our planning teams to allocate our workforce effectively and react quickly to unplanned changes in working circumstances.

Status reports, test sheet results, risk assessments and property condition reports produced on-site are automatically receipted - facilitating efficiency of operation and reductions in lost time through benefits that come from home start working.

Neo’s mobile working solutions are compatible with virtually any mobile device and function in both real time and offline environments where signal connectivity is intermittent. As soon as a connection is restored, our systems automatically update.

Customer Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules within our Oneserve works management solution support us to provide clients and customers with excellent customer service. Through use of contract specific CRM workflows, we manage all customer data and interactions accurately and effectively. Using customer vulnerability data, appointment setting, text and email reminders, ongoing updates and progress reports we are able to monitor the effectiveness of our standards against predetermined Service Level Agreements and maintain full compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Field Based Quality Control Inspection

Our field-based quality control solution enables us to capture robust information direct from the worksite in real time. Through our use of hand-held devices and state-of-the-art software, our team saves the time of having to write up reports, and through connection to our mail server, all project participants are instantly notified of project developments, substantiated with photographic images embedded into each PDF export file.

Currently utilised for a variety of applications including site safety inspections, vehicle inspections, CDM action plans, works and sectional completion certificates, dilapidation surveys, customer choice confirmations and satisfaction results, the system supports ongoing monitoring of project performance and the identification of trends between projects and locations.

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Collaborative Workspace

Our collaborative workspace enables us to create interconnected environments and share project data with clients and other project participants. The solution designed to support team members in dispersed locations provides access to project data and facilitates an ability to interact as a single entity through any web enabled device.

We use our collaborative workspace on many existing projects, where the latest revisions of asbestos regulations, customer choices and designs, quality control records, dilapidation surveys, works programmes, test results, certificates and key performance indicator reports are stored, allowing them to be accessed and maintained within structured project directories.

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